How Single Tracks Comes In market?

Music has evolved along with human development. The first people used to sing for their entertainment. But over time, the thinking of the person started becoming money. Music also became a part of business. In ancient times, people used to entertain their King and receive reward. After This phonograph record (also known as a gramophone record) comes in market. phonograph was invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison. Around 1930 the use of magnetic tape for sound recording originated. Each Tape Record album has 8 songs in it. After this Music industry started to use CD albums. But in this digital world people dont have time to buy CD albums or Tape Recorder Albums. People can download songs from online music stores to their Phones, Laptops, I-pods and other music devices.

People who belongs to music industry they changewd their way in last some times. They find that releasing a Single Track Every month is good way to keep in audience's mind rather than releasing an album. It also less costly. In now days their is Single Tracks trend in Punjabi Music Industry. Everyday So Many Punjabi single tracks comes in market. Mr-Punjab.Com update that songs first on internet for our family members (Our Users are my family members).

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